WheelsVideo.com Launched

March 6, 2009

ORLANDO, FL - March 6, 2009 - Wheels Video™, an Orlando, Florida based company which produces cutting edge automotive video products and services, has launched WheelsVideo.com to service the automotive industry with online videos solutions.

Given that one-third of all consumer Internet activity is video based, and combined with the knowledge 84% of homebuyers begin their search online, brokerages are looking to ensure they don't miss out on capturing those new potential leads. The Internet is now becoming the first point of contact for car buyers. Now more than ever before, dealerships are realizing they must differentiate themselves from their competition as well as keep up with industry and consumer trends.

Wheels Video™ has just released a turnkey video content solution to help enable the automotive industry to tap into the power of online video. Its innovative new VScreen™ product features a variety of dealership-branded automotive video programs on a multi-channel widescreen player to help educate and inform clients, while providing a point of differentiation. Content includes regularly updated car care topics, purchasing tips, industry news, inventory videos and more. To experience VScreen™, visit http://vscreen.com/wheels.

"Automotive video has become one of the fastest growing trends in the industry and empowering dealers with the ability to meet this trend head-on, has been where we find our greatest satisfaction. VScreen™ enables dealerships to differentiate themselves, drive more traffic to their website, and deliver quality content to the consumer - all through the use of video," says Stephen Schweickart, Co-Founder of Wheels Video™.

Through its innovative technology, Wheels Video™ helps distinguish dealerships by meeting the consumers' demands for online video resources. Serving companies nationwide, Wheels Video™ provides a range of services including inventory videos, company profiles, and all inclusive video solutions.

For more information on Wheels Video™, please visit www.WheelsVideo.com or call 866.578.7121.

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